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MIC Corrosion, Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

mic corrosion - atm tanks

Micro-biologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is microbes which eat all types of steel including stainless steel regardless of design or grade. MIC eats the steel like a termite eats wood. It literally hollows-out the steel compromising the tanks structure, often within a few years of installation.

MIC is more than a pressing problem with all internally braced square tanks. It’s already caused many millions of dollars worth of damage in the last few years which we estimate will increase significantly over the next few years due to the influx of square internally braced tanks from China and Korea. We expect numerous buildings in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and WA will be affected by a catastrophic tank failure, flooding penthouses, electrical systems, lobbies and elevator shafts causing significant damage.

ATM structurally upgrades susceptible tanks to a standard approved by a leading Australian PhD in Corrosion (NATA Accredited), engineered specifically to maintain assets long term in such an environment. This is an example of ATM doing its part for the environment and Australian business.

Avoiding a tank failure caused by corrosion is as simple as booking an Micro-biologically Influenced Corrosion inspection as soon as possible.

Often square tanks go for years without being inspected, cleaned or serviced because they’re locked away in a room somewhere, on the roof or in the basement. When combining this fact with the corrosion which forms in stagnant water and the fact these tanks are often at the top of high-rise buildings, you have a recipe for a very expensive disaster. When the structural tie rods in these tanks corrode and gives way the entire wall of the tank falls under the pressure of the water, flooding everything in its path, usually penthouses and a few levels under it, electrical equipment, gyp-rock, carpet and carpentry are a few of the assets that usually are destroyed. This is a catastrophe which is not worth risking, so if you have a square tank and it hasn’t been inspected for a year, make sure you get a tank specialist in who knows a lot about corrosion especially MIC. They should also know how to isolate and drain the system and replace structural rods in the event of emergencies.

See our panel tank website for more information on square panel tanks.

Please contact us for more information on MIC.

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