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Square Tanks

Square tanks are usually manufactured  in square sectional panels which, when bolted together with gaskets in between, can form a large area inside a room suitable for storing liquids from 2000 litres up to 1 mega litres (1,000,000 litres).

Price and Material Comparison

A variety of construction materials are available for square tanks, including GRP (Glass Reinforced polypropylene), HDG (hot dipped galvanized) or Stainless Steel.  As a rough guide GRP and HDG are generally half the price of 304 grade stainless steel for supply only.  If 316 grade stainless steel is preferred, there is a 200% extra cost over HDG or GRP.  While 316 grade stainless steel is a more prestigious product, the same corrosion resistance can be achieved from using the correct internal lining and structural tie rods with a GRP or HDG tank at a fraction of the cost.

Square tanks are well suited for projects in space critical locations such as those found in high-rise buildings, hospitals, processing plants and shopping centres.  They can generally be supplied and installed within an eight (8) week turnaround and have more versatility in design options then their round tank counterparts. These tanks can be constructed in as many variations as a GRP and can include an external or internal structure a bladder, spray on waterproofing or gasket, roof or no roof, galvanized, stainless steel, epoxy coated or more.


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