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Panel Tank Repairs, Tank Cleaning and Refurbishments

panel tank refurbishment

ATM specialises in a variety of water tank repairs, products, designs and services which include roof replacement, corrosion control, tank relineliquid rubber corrosion coatings and leak repairs to name a few. By successfully providing these services to a very high quality and customer satisfaction, ATM has become the premium tank supplier and tank repairer to a number of the largest mining corporations and power station companies in Australia. If you would like a reference from some of our clients please contact us.

Water tank repairs can typically be performed within 2 days for temporary emergency leak repairs and 3 weeks for roof replacements, stroke corrosion control or replacement, fitting repairs or manufacture and install and even entire self-supporting roof structure design and install. By taking advantage of our Dulux and International Paint consultants ATM take advantage of application, site specific, commercial coatings to suit your corrosion control needs.

A large part of tank repairs includes corrosion control, upon completion of which we recommend installing cathodic anodes thereby minimising future corrosion deterioration.

ATM not only works with storage tanks, but has diversified into facility refurbishment which includes industrial scale waterproofing, corrosion control using epoxies, roof system replacements, plumbing work, slabs, footings and cavils. The experienced team at ATM look forward to visiting and estimating your refurbishment project.

All products and services are performed according to Australian Standards including 1851 and 3500, and because we comply to quality, environmental and safety standards you can be sure that all work we perform will be of the highest quality and standard.

In process critical circumstances many tanks need to be temporarily repaired while online in order to keep systems operational. In this case we can perform tank repairs using divers or what we call IWP work which stands for inflatable work platform, I’m sure you can guess what this method entails. It may sound like a peculiar way of repairing industrial tanks, however since our safe work method statements take into account all the risks involved we’ve managed to impress some of the largest mining company managers with our innovative tank repairing techniques.

Other innovative tank repairing techniques include the use of jacking systems to lift tanks in order to modify slabs, foundations or even lift the tank and increase its overall capacity by installing an additional strake (row of panels).

Tank Repairs Features & Benefits:

  • Designed in-house
  • ISO 9001, 4801 and 14001 Compliance
  • ATM has a BSA license (# 1207885)
  • Turn-Key project management
Our Strengths
  • 100% Australian
  • We deliver on time, in full, within budget
  • More than 20 years industry experience
  • Products are certified to Australian Standards
  • Specialised in turn-key projects
  • Our Maintenance Program will take over warranties from other manufacturers.
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