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One of the problems you may encounter when you decide to hand your tank liners, HDPE liners, and pond liners installation to companies which lack required basic experience to supply and install them, is damage within a short period. At ATM, we do things professionally, taking into consideration that our reputation is always at stake when we carry out liner supply and installation.

We have created a quality method which eliminates issues which other people and companies may experience. We are not only the best in the industry, we also provide you with comprehensive warranty. HDPE liners are generally being used by pond liners and dam liners because they are thicker [between 1.5mm and 2mm thick]; while storage tank liners on the other hand are polypropylene liners or PVC liners.

However, when tank liners, dam liners, HDPE liners and pond liners fail to meet your waterproofing needs, then we have an alternative arrangement that will be more than suitable. We have developed an industry standard waterproofing solution simply referred to as spray on rubber. It is a spray applied-rubber which requires very limited surface preparation. Delivery and application takes only a week; and it is more flexible than the usual polyurethane, HDPE liners, epoxies, polyethylene, polyurea, and PVC liners. Another advantage of this revolution is that it is not affected by high chemical content, and overfilling; and it is portable.

Besides being successfully used for waterproofing in several tanks and spill binding projects; spray applied rubber can also be used as a corrosion curbing coating for both structural and non-structural steel; and of course, not violating laid down codes for fire resistance. Opting to use ATM services will give you confidence for all corrosion, tank liners, pond liners, and dam liners.

In terms of costs, LDPE liners, PVC liners, and HDPE liners are very popular. The pond liners are known to be very effective when it comes to application and provides low-cost installation and supply. Designs which have been previously produced were faulty, which has led to design and installation problems by several tank firms; this subsequently leads to failure within five (5) years of installation.

Everyone now sees things the way we see them because of our achievement and pedigree; but they all lack research experience in terms of fixing the problems. ATM does not only provide competitive prices, we also offer upgrades, new tanks that come with genuine service life, warranty, and tank liners. We supply and install HDPE Liners, Spray applied rubber, Butyl rubber liners, Butyl rubber liners, PVC liners, and Aeon PTR Liners.

Comparison – Tank Liners Vs Spray on Liners

Are you thinking of prolonging the lifespan of your tank or reservoir? Then what you need is to compare bladder liners Vs spray on liners.

Bladder Liners

These are inserted with a fabric to provide a protective barrier between the tank and the liquid stored. To ensure they are custom-fit; bladder liners are designed using the dimension of the tank. However, a tank liner incorrectly fitted can overlap and push through cracks in the wall of the tank. Any error in fixing of the tank liner could lead to movement, which could rip the leaking liquid and thereby lead to a major damage to the tank. The possibility of corrosion occurring if the bladder allows water to collect between it and the tank without draining is also possible.

Bladder liners are quite durable no doubt, but they can be cut by sharp objects, which could allow moisture to get in between the liner and the tank. However, this problem can be overcome when you choose a good installer and also implement regular maintenance. At ATM, we provide you with up to fifteen (15) years warranty on both supply and implementation; although this is subject to regular tank maintenance.

Spray-on liners

These types of liners use a protective coating including polyurethane or rubber that is sprayed on much just like paint. When properly applied, the advantage of spray liners is that it is able to provide durable water as well as airtight protection. The lining hinders corrosion and rust as well as insulating against movement when forming a permanent bond on the bed’s surface. However, the price is similar to PVC tank liners for spray on rubber or about four times more than tank liners for polyurethane. This of course, is based on the drawn out process of surface preparation.

What we are trying to say is that it usually comes down to the installer’s ability to provide quality warranty; and that is talking in terms of comparing both.

Features & Benefits

  • Supply and installation to be carried out within three (3) weeks
  • Patent pending penetrations and hanging system allowing extended warranty
  • The only company that is able to provide a warranty in MIC rich environments in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
  • Over two decades of experience
  • 24 hours guarantee on Quotes
Our Strengths
  • 100% Australian
  • We deliver on time, in full, within budget
  • More than 20 years industry experience
  • Products are certified to Australian Standards
  • Specialised in turn-key projects
  • Our Maintenance Program will take over warranties from other manufacturers.
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